15 Best QuillBot Alternatives for Writing and Paraphrasing in 2024!

QuillBot has earned its reputation as one of the top AI writing assistants available today. However, it’s always a good idea to explore other options. 

In this article, I’ll present 15 of the best QuillBot alternatives for writing and paraphrasing in 2024. These Quillbot alternatives offer unique features and competitive pricing to enhance your writing experience.

Keep reading to unearth the best Quillbot alternative gems!

Best Overall QuillBot Alternative

GPT-4, Chat, free plan,  affordable paid plans, AI art images, and excellent at writing and paraphrasing text.

Best Original Content QuillBot Alternative

Long-form content creation, content templates, SEO optimization, plagiarism checker

Best Feature-Packed QuillBot Alternative

GPT-4, multiple purposes. Craft headlines, product descriptions, social media posts, emails, and more

1. Writesonic - Best Overall QuillBot Alternative

Writesonic - Best Overall QuillBot Alternatives

Writesonic is an AI-powered writing assistant that can help you create high-quality written content effortlessly. Whether you need assistance with blog posts, articles, social media content, or even chatbot scripts, Writesonic has got you covered.

It provides you with the necessary assistance, guidance, and creative suggestions to help you produce high-quality content. So, whether you’re a blogger, freelancer, or simply someone looking to improve your writing skills, Writesonic is here to support you every step of the way.

With its user-friendly interface and advanced algorithms, Writesonic is one of the best QuillBot alternatives.

Writesonic Key Features

  • Chatsonic- AI Writing Assistant
  • Photonic – Art Image Generator
  • Botsonic – Chatbot Creator
  • SEO Optimization
  • AI Article Writer
  • Landing Page Generator
  • Audiosonic

Writesonic Pricing

  • Free Plan – 10,000 words/month
  • Small Team – $19/month
  • Freelancer – $20/month
  • Enterprise – $500+/month

2. Jasper AI - Best Original Content QuillBot Alternative

Jasper, formerly Jarvis, is one of the best QuillBot alternatives.

It’s an AI-powered writing assistant that can help you create various content types, including blog posts, articles, social media posts, and website copy. Jasper is known for its ability to generate high-quality content at scale, as well as its wide range of features.

If you’re a content creator aiming to maintain a consistent and engaging online presence, Jasper can assist in generating captivating social media posts that your audience will love.

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Jasper Key Features

  • AI Writing Assistant
  • Long-Form Content Creation
  • Multiple Languages
  • Content Templates
  • SEO Optimization
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Community and Support

Jasper Pricing

  • Creator Plan: $39/month 
  • Pro Plan: $59/month 
  • Business Plan: Custom Pricing

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3. Copy AI - Best Feature-Packed QuillBot Alternative

Copy AI is our third QuillBot alternative. It’s an advanced AI-powered writing tool that can generate creative and engaging content for various purposes.

With its natural language processing capabilities, Copy AI can assist in writing blog posts, social media captions, product descriptions, and more. It can also paraphrase and rewrite existing content, making it a versatile alternative to Quillbot.

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Copy AI Key Features

  • AI-Powered Content Creation
  • Blog Post Ideas
  • Ad Copy
  • Email Marketing
  • Product Descriptions
  • SEO Meta Descriptions
  • Social Media CaptionsSocial Media Posts
  • A/B Testing Ideas
  • Data Reports
  • Press Releases
  • Sales Copy
  • Technical Writing
  • Conversational Agents

Copy AI Pricing

  • Free version
  • Pro – $49/month
  • Team – $249/month
  • Growth -$1333/month
  • Scale – $4000/month

4. Rytr

Rytr is also a great alternative to QuillBot, designed to help writers generate high-quality content quickly. It uses machine learning algorithms to provide suggestions and assist in the writing process. Whether you need assistance with blog posts, emails, or social media content, Rytr can generate creative and coherent text to suit your needs.

Rytr Key Features

  • AI writing assistant with 30+ templates
  • Over 30 languages supported
  • Short-form content generation
  • Tone and style adjustments
  • Unlimited characters on premium plans

Rytr Pricing

  • Free Plan: 5,000 characters/month
  • Saver Plan: $9/month for unlimited characters
  • Unlimited Plan: $29/month for additional features

5. GPT-4

GPT 4 - Best QuillBot Alternatives

GPT-4 is the latest iteration of OpenAI’s powerful language model. With its advanced natural language processing capabilities, GPT-4 can generate human-like text and assist with paraphrasing and rewriting content. It can be used for various writing tasks, including article writing, creative writing, and more, making it a strong alternative to Quillbot.

GPT-4 Key Features

  • Enhanced Text Generation
  • Advanced Learning
  • Better Context Understanding
  • Creativity
  • Visual Input

GPT-4 Pricing

  • Paid – 20$/month

6. Spinbot

Next on our list of the best QuillBot alternatives is Spinbot.

Spinbot is a popular online paraphrasing tool that can quickly generate unique versions of existing text. It uses a spinning algorithm to replace words and phrases, creating new content while preserving the original meaning. Spinbot is a handy alternative to Quillbot for those looking to quickly paraphrase content and create unique variations.

Spinbot Key Features

  • Article spinning and paraphrasing
  • Multiple spinning options
  • Bulk spinning capabilities
  • API Access

Spinbot Pricing

  • Free Plan: Limited features
  • Monthly Plan: $10/month for unlimited spinning
  • Yearly Plan: $75/year for unlimited spinning

7. Outwrite

Outwrite is an AI-powered writing assistant that offers a range of features to enhance your writing. It can help with grammar and spelling checks, suggest better word choices, and provide style improvements. Outwrite also offers a paraphrasing feature that can assist in creating unique content. With its user-friendly interface and powerful writing tools, Outwrite is a valuable alternative to Quillbot.

Outwrite Key Features

  • Grammar, spelling, and style checker
  • AI-powered sentence rewriting
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Tone adjustments
  • Integrations with Google Docs and Word

Outwrite Pricing

  • Free Plan: Limited features
  • Pro Plan: $9.95/month for unlimited rewrites and plagiarism checks
  • Team Plan: $11.66/month/user for collaboration features

8. Speedwrite


Speedwrite is an AI-based writing tool that focuses on generating content quickly and efficiently. It can generate creative and coherent text based on the user’s input, making it useful for various writing tasks. Whether you need assistance with essays, blog posts, or emails, Speedwrite can help you produce content at a faster pace, making it a viable alternative to Quillbot.

Speedwrite Key Features

  • AI-powered text generation
  • 50+ writing templates
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Chrome extension for easy access

Speedwrite Pricing

  • Free Plan: Limited features
  • Monthly Plan: $7.99/month
  • Semi-Annual Plan: $6.66/month($39.95)
  • Annual Plan: 4.99/month($59.95)

9. Anyword

Another tool that deserves its place in this list of the best QuillBot alternatives is Anyword.

Anyword is an AI-powered copywriting tool that can help you create compelling and persuasive content. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze successful marketing campaigns and generate effective copy. Whether you need assistance with ad copy, email subject lines, or social media captions, Anyword can provide valuable suggestions and alternatives.

Anyword Key Features

  • Predictive Performance
  • Multiple Channel Support
  • Customization
  • Landing page copy
  • Ad copy
  • Email copy
  • SEO optimized content

Anyword Pricing

  • Free
  • Starter ($39/month)
  • Data-driven ($79/month)
  • Business ($349/month),
  • Enterprise (custom pricing)

10. Copysmith

Copysmith is an AI-powered copywriting platform that can generate high-quality content for various purposes. It can assist in creating product descriptions, blog posts, social media ads, and more. Copysmith’s AI capabilities make it a strong alternative to Quillbot, providing writers with creative and engaging content generation options.

Copysmith Key Features

  • Multiple Content Formats
  • Customization
  • Collaboration Tools
  • SEO-Friendly Content
  • E-commerce and Marketing Content
  • Content Personalization
  • Integration

Copysmith Pricing

  • Starter – ($228/yr)
  • Professional ($490/yr)
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing)

11. WordAi

Wordai - Popular QuillBot Alternatives

WordAi is an advanced AI-powered tool that can generate high-quality human-like content and rewrite articles to make them unique. It uses sophisticated algorithms to understand context and generate coherent text. Whether you need to paraphrase existing content or generate new articles, WordAi is a reliable alternative to Quillbot.

WordAi Key Features

  • AI article spinning and rewriting
  • Bulk spinning capabilities
  • Preserves original meaning
  • API Access
  • Integration with WordPress

WordAi Pricing

  • Starter Plan: $9/month
  • Power Plan: $27/month
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom Pricing

12. Spinner Chief

Let’s add a few more tools to our popular QuillBot alternatives.

Spinner Chief is a comprehensive spinning tool that can generate multiple unique versions of an article or blog post. It uses advanced algorithms to replace words and phrases, creating new variations while maintaining the original meaning. Spinner Chief is a useful alternative to Quillbot for writers looking to generate unique content quickly.

Spinner Chief Key Features

  • Article spinning and paraphrasing
  • Multiple spinning options
  • Bulk spinning capabilities
  • API Access
  • Integration with WordPress

Spinner Chief Pricing

  • Starter Plan: $6/month
  • Business Plan: $9/month
  • Enterprise plan: Custom Pricing

13. Hypotenuse.AI

Hypotenuse.AI is an AI-powered writing assistant that can help with various writing tasks, including paraphrasing and content generation. It uses natural language processing to understand context and generate coherent and engaging text. With its advanced capabilities, Hypotenuse.AI is a valuable alternative to Quillbot for writers seeking assistance in their writing process.

Hypotenuse.AI Key Features

  • Content Generation
  • SEO Optimization
  • AI-Powered Writing Assistance
  • Blog Post Ideas
  • Social Media Content Ideas
  • Email Copywriting
  • Grammar and Style Correction

Hypotenuse.AI Pricing

  • Individual – $29/month
  • Teams – $59/month
  • Enterprise – Custom

14. Peppertype AI

Peppertype AI is an AI-powered writing tool that can assist in generating creative and engaging content. It uses machine learning algorithms to understand context and provide suggestions for better word choices, sentence structure, and overall writing improvement. Peppertype AI is a versatile alternative to Quillbot, offering assistance in various writing tasks.

Peppertype AI Key Features

  • AI writing assistant with 30+ templates
  • Long-form content creation
  • Multiple languages supported
  • SEO optimization
  • Integrations with popular tools

Peppertype AI Pricing

  • Starter Plan: $33.3/month for 50,000 words
  • Team Plan: $37.50 per user/month for 500,000 words
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for larger teams

15. Wordtune


Last, but certainly not least, on our list of the best alternatives to QuillBot is Wordtune.

Wordtune is an AI-powered writing tool that can help you improve the clarity and impact of your writing. It suggests alternative phrasings, word choices, and sentence structures to enhance your content. Wordtune is a valuable alternative to Quillbot for writers looking to refine and polish their writing style.

Wordtune Key Features

  • AI-Powered Writing Suggestions
  • Grammar and Style Correction
  • Sentence Rewriting
  • Tone and Emotion Adjustments
  • Clarity Enhancement

Wordtune Pricing

  • Free
  • Plus – $9.99/month
  • Unlimited – $14.99/month

What is QuillBot AI?

QuillBot AI is an advanced writing tool powered by artificial intelligence. It uses sophisticated algorithms to assist you in paraphrasing, improving sentence structure, and enhancing the overall quality of your written content. 

QuillBot AI is designed to help beginners enhance their writing skills by providing suggestions and alternatives to make their writing more concise, clear, and engaging.

 With its user-friendly interface and intelligent algorithms, QuillBot AI is a valuable tool for beginners looking to enhance their writing abilities.

What to Look for in QuillBot Alternatives?

When searching for QuillBot alternatives, there are a few key factors to consider, especially as a beginner:

1. User-Friendly Interface

Look for alternatives that have an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface. As a beginner, you want a tool that is user-friendly and doesn’t overwhelm you with complex features.

2. AI-Powered Assistance

Find alternatives that offer AI-powered assistance for paraphrasing, sentence structure improvement, and overall writing enhancement. These features will help you learn and improve your writing skills.

3. Writing Style Suggestions

The alternatives you search for should provide suggestions for improving your writing style. This can include suggestions for word choices, sentence structure, and overall clarity.

4. Learning Resources

Seek alternatives that offer learning resources such as tutorials, guides, or writing tips. These resources can be highly beneficial for beginners to understand the tool’s features and improve their writing techniques.

5. Affordability

Consider the pricing plans and affordability of the alternatives. As a beginner, you may want to start with a tool that offers a free plan or affordable pricing options to fit your budget.

Use the Best QuillBot Alternatives

So, there you have it! The 5 best QuillBot alternatives to unleash your writing creativity and productivity in 2024. Whether you crave advanced paraphrasing, AI-powered content generation, or simply want to add a dash of originality to your writing, these tools offer a potent arsenal beyond the bounds of QuillBot.

Ready to ditch QuillBot? Check out Writesonic, Jasper AI, and Copy AI for a universe of writing possibilities! Write smarter, not harder.


While QuillBot is a popular AI-based writing tool, there are several alternatives available in the market with unique features and capabilities. Some popular alternatives to QuillBot include Copy AI, Rytr, GPT-4, Spinbot, Outwrite, Speedwrite, Anyword, Copysmith, WordAi, Spinner Chief, Hypotenuse.AI, Peppertype AI, and Wordtune. Explore these alternatives and choose the one that best suits your specific writing needs and preferences.

No, QuillBot and ChatGPT serve different purposes. QuillBot is primarily focused on paraphrasing and generating alternative sentences, while ChatGPT is designed to create conversational agents or chatbots. If you’re looking for a tool to improve your writing and paraphrasing skills, QuillBot would be a suitable choice, whereas if you’re interested in building chatbots, ChatGPT would be more appropriate.

Using QuillBot itself is not unethical or against any rules. However, it’s important to use it responsibly and avoid plagiarism. QuillBot assists in generating alternative sentences and improving writing, but it’s the responsibility of the user to ensure that the content created is original and properly attributed if any external sources are used. Plagiarism can have serious consequences, so it’s always recommended to use QuillBot or any other writing tool ethically and responsibly.


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