Pictory AI vs Invideo AI: What’s the Best in 2024? (+Video Samples)

The video creation space is heating up in 2024, with Pictory and Invideo locked in a head-to-head battle. This post breaks down their features and strengths to help you get clarity.

Whether you’re new to video blogging or a seasoned storyteller, join us to discover which of these two – Pictory AI vs Invideo AI can effortlessly transform your scripts into compelling videos, making your content creation journey seamless and effective.

Pictory AI vs Invideo AI: At a Glance

FeaturePictory AIInvideo AI
Quality of Output1080p1080p
Supported Video PlatformsYouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Vimeo, LinkedIn and moreYouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Vimeo, LinkedIn and more
Best ForYouTubers, social media marketers, ads creators, course creators, content creators, entrepreneurs, etc.YouTubers, social media marketers, ads creators, course creators, content creators, entrepreneurs, etc.
Ease of UseBeginner-friendly (No technical skills required)Beginner-friendly (No technical skills required)
AI Video EditingGreat flexibility and more focused on manual video editingGreat flexibility and more focused on video editing using prompts
Manual Video EditingComplete control over your editing. You can choose scenes and mainly edit everything manually, like captions, fonts, colors, and more.Major control over your editing. You can manually change scenes or import clips. You mostly rely on AI and use prompts to edit your video.
Time to Generate Video1-10 minutes depending on video length1-10 minutes depending on video length
Maximum Video Length10 minutes with base plan3-10 minutes regardless of the pricing plan
Number of videos per month30 videos per month with the base plan50 minutes per month with the base plan
Pricing14-day free trial availableLifetime free plan available
AI VoiceoverUses ElevenLabs AI voicesUses in-house AI voices
WatermarkWatermark during free trial but no watermark in paid plansWatermark in free plan but no watermark in paid plans

What is Pictory AI?

Pictory AI is an online platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you create engaging videos quickly and easily, even if you’re not a professional video editor. It’s like having a creative partner and video editor in one!

You can input your content (a script), or use a blog post link, and AI will generate a video.

You also have access to a massive library of over 3 million video clips and images, 15,000 royalty-free music tracks to set the mood, realistic AI voiceover to narrate your video, and text overlays and captions.

What is Invideo AI?

Invideo AI is also an exciting AI-powered video creation platform. Invideo AI uses artificial intelligence to create videos with text prompts. Simply tell Invideo AI what you want your video to be about, and it will generate a script, create scenes, add voiceovers, and even edit the video based on your feedback.

You also get access to 16 million+ AI-discoverable stock media: Find the perfect visuals for your project and human-sounding voiceovers.

Pictory AI vs Invideo AI: Head-to-Head Comparison

When choosing between Pictory AI and Invideo AI, it’s important to understand their unique features, advantages, and limitations.

Here’s a detailed comparison based on specific capabilities:

1. AI Script to Video

Both Pictory AI and Invideo AI are highly effective in generating videos from scripts. By script, I don’t mean ‘prompts.’ I mean writing the entire content yourself (or with Chatsonic) and pasting it into the AI video generators.

They both use advanced AI technology to transform text-based content into engaging and professional-quality videos. They start by analyzing the script, automatically generating video scenes, selecting appropriate visuals, adding captions, and finding a relevant AI voice actor.

Invideo and Pictory AI can generate your videos in multiple aspect ratios, like (16:9, 9:16, or 1:1). 16:9 is perfect for YouTube and Facebook, 9:16 for TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts,  and 1:1 for long TikTok videos. Here is a non-edited video I generated using Pictory AI.

The video is about blogging and I used Chatsonic to write the script. Oh, one thing to note is that Pictory AI uses ElevenLabs AI voices. Kindly note that the voice used in this video is not a premium one. It’s just one of the basic AI voices you get access to when you start your free trial.

But when you upgrade, the voice quality is 10x better and sounds very human-like.

By the way, I used the feature called ‘Script to Video’ that you can find on your dashboard after logging into your Pictory account.

Pictory AI vs Invideo AI

And here is a video generated by Invideo AI on the same topic.

To use this feature, log into your Invideo AI account and choose ‘Script to Video’ under ‘Select a Wordflow.’

Invideo AI vs Pictory AI - Script to Video Comparison

When it comes to choosing the AI voice, Pictory gives you more flexibility by allowing you to choose from a comprehensive list of voices. You can listen to each voice before using it. However, Invideo AI relies on prompts. You say the voice you want, and the AI finds it for you.

But more about these editing features later.

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2. Blog Post to Video

What if you had a video channel and wanted to repurpose your blog posts into nicely made videos?

Both AI video generators can help you do that. Pictory AI and Invideo AI summarize your blog posts into video content and make sure your core message is preserved. Just like with Script to Video, Pictory, and Invideo will look for visuals, find relevant AI voices, and export your video using your preferred aspect ratio.

But each tool has its way of generating videos using blog posts.

Let’s take Pictory AI for example.

If the script-to-video feature asks you to copy and paste your content into Pictory, the blog post feature only asks for the link.

In Pictory AI, paste your link into a feature called ‘Article to Video’ and click Proceed and the AI will extract key points. It will even import the article images for you. You can also choose more visuals manually, use your audio file, change your voiceover, and even upload your own voiceover.

Here is a video I generated using this post about Rytr AI. This video was not edited.

Unfortunately, Pictory AI struggled to get the most important points and mention them in the video. For example, it didn’t mention the pricing plans. It also didn’t get the name of the tool (Rytr) correct. But again, I didn’t edit the script to help it generate a better video. I believe that by editing the script, I would have gotten a better result.

Invideo AI, however, doesn’t ask you to provide the link. You just use the same Script to Video feature, paste your article content, and indicate the background music and voice you want. Keep in mind the maximum number of words is 3000 characters. So you may need to select what needs to be generated.

The results? Just check out this video using an article on the best Jasper AI alternatives. The result was quite impressive. Again, this video wasn’t edited.

As you can see, both Pictory AI and Invideo AI save you significant time as you repurpose your written content. Both AI video makers allow you to change your blog post into a video that reflects your personal style.

3. Auto Captions Video

You may need to add captions or subtitles to your videos to make them more accessible and engaging. 

Again, Pictory AI and Invideo AI do that for you. They automatically generate captions for your videos, which simplifies the process of combining text with your visuals. But Pictory AI wins by a large margin by letting you edit the captions to ensure they’re accurate. Don’t get me wrong, captions on Invideo AI are accurate. However, you don’t have the option to edit them.

Pictory AI, on the other hand, lets you add and remove text from your captions, and even change the caption text color, font, and size manually.

Edit video captions or subtitles in Pictory AI

You can also change the caption text color in Invideo AI using a prompt.

change the caption text color in Invideo AI using a prompt

Use the feature to add and edit captions if you’re looking to simplify your video production workflow while maintaining quality. They are suitable for your projects that require precise caption synchronization with the video content.

This is ideal if you want your videos to have a professional look with perfectly timed subtitles. I love this feature because I don’t have to add captions manually in video editing tools like Premiere Pro or Davinci or sign up for another tool like Flixier or Animaker.

4. AI Video Editing

Video editing is scary. It just – simply put- requires too much work. I do some basic video editing myself, and to be honest, it’s a pain in the neck.

But what about AI? Can it edit your videos with minimal effort?

Well, yes, but Pictory AI and Invideo AI have a different approach here. 

Take Pictory AI for example.

It has a unique feature called “Edit Video Using Text” that allows you to edit a video, well, using text. With this feature, you don’t generate a video using Pictory, you import the video from your computer or YouTube (using a link).

Next, you can edit your video transcript. If you delete words from your transcript, the scene is automatically deleted from the video.

Pictory vs Invideo

Can the speaker in the video also say what you write in the transcript in Pictory AI?

No, but maybe we could have such a feature in the future. Nevertheless, another cool feature is the ability to remove filler words and silences. With a click of a button, you can remove those hmm’s and uh’s.

And how about Invideo AI?

Invideo AI has a different idea when it comes to video editing using AI. The idea is simple: Use a prompt and tell the AI what to do, and it will do it for you. No need to do manual editing. And that’s, honestly, impressive.

Unlike Pictory AI which asks to import a video, Invideo AI allows you to edit a video you generated. If you want to remove a scene from a video, just ask AI or remove it manually. If you want to add a scene, again, use a prompt.

So here is the main difference between Pictory AI and Invideo AI when it comes to video editing. 

Though Pictory AI generates your video using AI, you will edit your video manually, but you don’t need any skills. On the other hand, Invideo AI generates your video using AI and edits your video using AI. All you need is to use a prompt and AI will make the changes. 

What AI tool is the best for editing depends on your preference.

If you want a tool with complete access to editing and prefer manual editing, go with Pictory AI. You can edit your caption font and colors, choose your background song yourself, and more.

However, if you prefer a more artificial intelligence approach with minimal manual work, go with Invideo AI. You mainly use prompts to edit your videos. But you can also import your own visuals, use stock videos and images, change captions with AI, and more.

6. Branding in Video

Pictory AI has a feature called Brand Kits. The feature is a game-changer for content creators and businesses looking to maintain consistent branding across their video content.

Video Branding Feature in Pictory AI

Brand Kits is a centralized hub where you can store all your brand assets, like band names, logos, colors, fonts, intros, and outros. Think of it as your one-stop shop for everything that makes your brand visually and tonally unique.

With a single click, you can apply your entire brand identity to any video project in Pictory. No more hunting down logos, fiddling with color palettes, or searching for the right music track.

So, if branding is crucial for you, you will not go wrong with Pictory AI.

How about Invideo AI?

At the moment I’m writing this post, Invideo doesn’t have a feature that allows you to set a branding for your videos. The only solution is to import your videos in Invideo and do manual editing.

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Pictory vs. Invideo AI: Pricing

The main difference in pricing between Pictory AI and Invideo AI is the number of videos you can generate. Pictory AI lets you generate 30 videos per month with the base price module, but Invideo AI lets you generate 50 minutes or more per month based on the plan you choose.

But let’s see their prices in more detail.

Pictory AI Pricing

Pictory AI Pricing

Pictory AI offers several pricing plans to cater to different user needs and budgets. Here’s a breakdown:

Starter Plan:

Best for individual creators starting out.

  • 1 user
  • $19 per month ($228 yearly).
  • 30 video exports per month.
  • Maximum video length – 10 minutes.
  • 600 minutes of video transcription per month.
  • 34 text-to-speech AI voices.
  • 5,000 music tracks.
  • 1 Brand Kit.

Professional Plan:

Ideal for professional creators and small businesses.

  • 1 user
  • $39 per month ($564 yearly).
  • 60 video exports per month (additional exports can be purchased).
  • Maximum video length – 20 minutes.
  • 20 hours of video transcription per month.
  • Getty Images access (12 million stock clips).
  • 10 Branded Templates.
  • 10,000 music tracks.
  • 60 text-to-speech AI voices.

Teams Plan:

Designed for teams and agencies.

  • 3 users
  • $99 per month ($1188 yearly).
  • 90 video exports per month per team member.
  • Maximum video length – 30 minutes.
  • 30 hours of video transcription per month per team member.

Invideo AI Pricing

Invideo AI Pricing

Invideo has a range of pricing plans with accompanying features.

Free Plan:

Perfect for casual users experimenting with AI video creation.

  • 10 minutes of AI generation per week.
  • Access to 2.5 million+ standard media library.
  • 4 exports per week with a watermark.
  • Limited features like basic templates and iStock media (10 GB storage).

Plus Plan:

Ideal for creators who want to make more videos.

  • $20 per month ($240 yearly).
  • 50 minutes of AI generation per month.
  • Access to 8 million+ iStock media with 80 credits per month.
  • 100 GB storage.
  • Unlimited exports without a watermark.
  • Additional features like premium templates, AI script generation, and multi-language video creation.

Max Plan:

Best value for growing and established creators.

  • $48 per month ($576 yearly).
  • 200 minutes of AI generation per month.
  • Access to 8 million+ iStock media with 320 credits per month.
  • 400 GB storage.
  • All Plus features plus additional benefits like background removal for images, team settings with one team member, and priority support.

Ultimately, the best pricing plan for you depends on your video creation frequency, budget, and desired features. I recommend checking out Invideo AI’s website for a more detailed comparison and to try out their free plan to see if it meets your needs.

Pictory AI vs Invideo AI: What Should You Use?

If you want an AI video maker mainly to convert blog posts into social media and YouTube videos, go with Pictory, but if you want a tool that creates social media and YouTube videos with a simple prompt (especially when you don’t have the video script), go with Invideo AI. It can write incredible video scripts.

Pictory vs Invideo: FAQ

If you’re a content creator who prioritizes fast, AI-powered video creation from text or scripts, Pictory AI could be a great fit. Its strengths lie in seamless text-to-video conversion, intuitive interface, and affordable pricing.

If you’re a beginner or a business needing fast, easy video creation with some advanced editing limitations, InVideo AI is a solid choice due to its user-friendly interface, rich features, and affordability, though a watermark on the free plan and occasional rendering issues might be drawbacks.

After using both Pictory AI and Invideo AI for some time, I have noticed that Pictory AI has the best humanlike Ai voiceovers. It uses ElevenLabs AI voices to provide the best output possible.

Whether CapCut is better than InVideo depends on the user’s specific needs. CapCut is a mobile video editing app that is user-friendly and convenient for quick, on-the-go edits. In contrast, InVideo is a more comprehensive web-based platform that generates videos using your scripts or a prompt.

Yes, Pictory AI does have a built-in text-to-speech voice feature, allowing users to convert text into speech within their videos. This AI-driven feature can enhance videos with voiceovers, making the content more accessible and engaging for viewers.


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