How to Effectively Make AI Content Undetectable?

Have you ever written your dissertation, blog post, social media post, or research paper with AI? Then you may have wondered how to outsmart AI detectors and make AI content undetectable especially because of how common AI detectors have become. 

In this article, I will guide you on how to make AI content undetectable. But to achieve this, we need to first understand what AI content entails. Let’s dive in.

What is AI-generated Content?

AI-generated content refers to text or articles that are created using AI algorithms and machine learning models. AI-generated content can also include pictures, videos, or audio generated or enhanced by AI. But in this article, we will limit ourselves to written AI-generated content.

How Is AI Able To Generate Content

How AI Generate Content
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AI models are trained on billions of existing texts to learn patterns of writing and generate coherent and contextually appropriate content as humans would. To generate content, AI has to predict what the most likely next word or phrase is.

In a sentence like: “It looks like it will rain ___.” the most likely answer would be “today”. AI would complete the sentence this way probably because of the data it was trained with. This is how AI analyzes patterns of writing and knows what to write.

Having determined what AI content is and how AI can generate content, let’s now look at what could make AI content undetectable. 

What Makes AI-generated Content Detectable?

AI detectors are able to flag AI content because they understand how AI generates content. Certain common traits simply cannot escape AI detection. Let me show you what some of those traits are.

1. Absence of Human Error

The A in AI stands for “artificial” and that is exactly why what AI lacks the most is humanity. Yes, humans tend to make minor mistakes, such as typos or grammatical errors when writing. But AI very rarely generates content with errors or inconsistencies.

So one of the first things AI detection is about is the ratio of errors. A perfect score in grammar and spelling could lead to an AI check fail.

2. Predictability (Perplexity)

As we discussed in the section above, AI doesn’t think, it simply predicts what comes next. So if you thought AI was actually intelligent, it is not! It is this predictability that makes it possible for AI detectors to identify such content.

The tools used to check AI-generated content are themselves powered by AI. This means they can run a sentence halfway, try to predict the most probable answer, and compare it with that of the text, if it matches then AI-written content is detected.

On the other hand, human-generated content has a high perplexity (unpredictability), they are more creative, and contain language choices that are uncommon and very original. Human text can be confusing and can easily throw an AI detector off, signaling that it is not AI-written content.

Human Writing Perplexity
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3. Burstiness

Burstiness in AI-generated content is like eating the same type of cookie over and over – it gets a bit repetitive.

Imagine if every paragraph in a story began with the same words or every sentence had the same structure. For instance, AI might always start with “In summary” or end paragraphs with “Moreover.” It’s like a robot following a fixed pattern. On the other hand, human writing is like a box of assorted cookies – each paragraph has a different flavor.

Humans naturally mix up sentence lengths, starting paragraphs in various ways, and arranging sentences differently. This variety in human writing creates burstiness, making it more interesting and diverse compared to the predictable structure often found in AI-generated content.

4. Temperature

The concept of temperature is that of variation or randomness of prediction. Since we already established that AI predicts to generate content, let’s now add that there is a level of randomness in the predictability that allows AI to generate varied content.

Think of the concept of temperature in AI like cooking with a recipe. When the temperature is low, it’s like following the recipe exactly—everything is precise and accurate, but it might be a bit bland. In AI terms, low temperature means the model sticks closely to what it knows, producing more accurate but less varied content.

On the flip side, when the temperature is high, it’s like adding a pinch of creativity to your cooking. The output becomes more diverse, but there might be some unexpected flavors or even mistakes. In AI, a high temperature leads to more varied but potentially less accurate content.

5. Lack of Subjectivity

Sometimes when you’re reading a story written by AI, it feels a bit like reading a textbook. That’s because AI lacks personal experiences, so it can’t share feelings or opinions like humans can.

If a person describes a vacation, they might say, “I felt so excited seeing the beautiful beach.” AI, lacking personal experiences, might say, “The beach is known for its beauty.” The personal touch is missing, making the AI content seem a bit impersonal and flat.

Humans naturally bring their emotions and personal perspectives into writing, creating a more engaging and relatable narrative. This absence of personal touch is a trait that can make AI-generated content detectable.

How to Make AI Content Undetectable?

If you have struggled with an AI detector before and just don’t know how to make your AI content undetectable, the tips below will help you out.

1. Use Rewriter Tools to Rewrite Your Text

Using a rewriter tool basically means using AI to add nuance to AI content to pass AI detectors.

There are several AI rewriting tools and some of them are in the package of popular AI writing software like Writesonic, Jasper, and Narrato AI. Other article rewriter tools include Chimp Rewriter, Prepost SEO, Spinbot, and AI article spinner and the list goes on.

Here is how to make the best out of rewriter tools to make AI content undetectable:

1. Choose the right tool

With many tools available out there you need to choose the one that suits you best. It’s not just about functionality but also about what the tool does. Some tools rewrite with synonym replacement techniques, others with sentence rewriting, some also change the tone of the text.

2. Work in sections

If your content is very long, it may be better to divide it into sections and go one section at a time. You simply input your text in the rewriter and you generate the rewritten text. Once you have configured the tool it will rewrite your text. You then keep repeating this process for each section until you’re done.

3. Edit content

You can never be too sure with AI since the rewriting tools can alter your text so much that it loses its sense. There may also be a few alterations you can make without the rewriter tool, so it’s always good to take some time to read the content again and do some personalized edits.

2. Use

Undetectable AI Make AI Content Undetectable is a user-friendly platform designed to make AI-generated content appear more human-like. Simply enter your text, adjust the settings for readability, purpose, and style, and click on the “humanize” button.

This powerful tool allows you to customize your content for specific fields of activity, to make sure that it blends seamlessly with human writing. After making adjustments, you can run your text through a check for AI detection likelihood. With Undetectable AI, you can prevent your AI content from being detected.

Keep in mind that you’ll still need to check for grammar and other errors in the rewritten text. Undetectable AI offers a free trial for 250 words, and if you find it useful, you can subscribe to monthly a plan going for $9.99/month and offering you 10,000 words.

3. Combine AI and Human Writing

The best thing you can do to make AI content undetectable is to blend it with human writing. This hybrid approach can make your text more reader-friendly, and add perplexity, burstiness, and a touch of subjectivity to your AI-generated content.

There are AI writing tools that generate content that can hardly fail an AI content detector and I recommend you use them. One such tool is Stealth Writer which can bypass many AI detectors.

How do you combine AI and human writing?

Blend Human and AI Writing
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Step 1: Generate the Initial Draft

Start by using an AI writing tool to create the first version of your content. This draft gives you a structured outline to work with. AI is good at organizing ideas logically, making it useful for building the foundation in the teamwork of combining AI and human writing.

Step 2: Review the Draft

When reviewing, look for things like repeated words. AI content might sound the same and use the same words a lot. Your job is to find those repeating words and change them to other words that mean the same. For example, if it says “happy” many times, you could use “joyful” or “pleased” instead.

Step 3: Rephrase

To make sure AI text isn’t too obvious, change some sentences that sound dull. You can also make your writing more like a conversation by swapping formal or distant words for friendlier ones. For instance, switch out a fancy word like “utilize” for a simpler one like “use.”

You often don’t need to rearrange ideas unless the AI creates bad content that you need to delete, but AI is good at generating content that is logical and organized so hopefully you won’t have too much work to do.

Following these steps will help you avoid AI detection by using the best AI humanizer possible: yourself.

4. Ask ChatGPT to Rewrite Your Text

If there is an AI tool that is always in the conversation, it is ChatGPT. Give ChatGPT your original text, and it can rewrite it in different ways or make it more friendly for readers. Take its suggestions to change and improve the content, adding a human touch.

Now, with the new options in ChatGPT, you can even add personality and personal opinions to your writing. This makes it less likely to be caught by AI detectors. So, I suggest you customize your content using ChatGPT before rewriting it.

For example, let’s say your original text is about technology. After using ChatGPT, you can make it more engaging by adding personal thoughts like, “In my opinion, this tech is amazing because…”

5. Use QuillBot to Rephrase

QuillBot is another powerful tool for making undetectable AI content. It uses machine learning algorithms to rephrase and reword text, to make sure that it appears more natural and human-like.

People around the world take advantage of QuillBot to bypass plagiarism checkers and AI detectors. By running AI-generated content through QuillBot, you can introduce variations and nuances that humanize AI text.

How to Paraphrase Using Quillbot

You can simply go to the QuillBot website and input your text. You then click on “paraphrase” and it will paraphrase your content wonderfully. QuillBot is very good at paraphrasing, serving as a great tool for making AI content sound more human.

Quillbot Make AI Content Undetectable

Why Should You Make Your AI Text Undetectable?

As AI-generated content becomes more and more common, here are some important reasons to make your AI content undetectable.

1. Retain Credibility

You need to make AI content undetectable to maintain a level of trust and credibility with your audience. If readers figure out you write your content with AI, they might not think it’s reliable. If you want to maintain trust and engagement on your website, you must make your AI content undetectable.

2. Score high on SEO

Search engines can detect AI content and flag it, which can harm your SEO ranking and lower the number of people finding your pages through search. To keep your content visible and get a good ranking in search results, it’s important to make sure your AI text can’t be easily identified.

3. Censoring in Specific Fields

Imagine seeing AI-generated content in newspapers daily – that wouldn’t be great. In areas like journalism, academia, and law, AI content is censored and its use is punishable. The space of journalism, academia, and law are examples. So it becomes very important for you to make AI content undetectable.

Can Google Detect AI Content?

Google and other search engines use advanced algorithms to identify patterns and traits of AI-generated content. While their priority is delivering the best results to users, Google doesn’t favor web pages with human-generated content over those with AI content.

While Google may not be interested in censoring AI content altogether, it is hellbent on rewarding high-quality content. AI content in its crude form is usually of subpar quality since it lacks originality, subjectivity, variety, and human touch. Google detects this and flags it with an AI detector so that it doesn’t show up in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) as it may not appeal to users.

Google relies on language patterns and quality indicators to detect AI content. Although Google can detect AI-generated content, it is not always accurate and therefore can fall short and allow some of such content to slip through.

The Future of AI Content Undetectability

The Future of AI Content Undetectability

AI models are becoming more human-like, which is good news for those who benefit from this valuable technology. Tools like Stealth AI can produce AI content that’s hard to detect, aiding in passing AI detection.

Generators like ChatGPT, Jasper, and Writesonic can not only create SEO-friendly content but also make it reader-friendly, resembling human writing.

In addition, tools like make it challenging for AI detectors to accurately identify AI content. In the future, we can expect more tools to make it easier to avoid AI detection, ensuring content remains undetectable.


To make your AI content undetectable, you need to combine rewriting tools, specialized platforms, and a hybrid approach of AI and human writing.

By following the tips in this article, you can make your AI content seamlessly blend in with human-written text, maintaining trust, credibility, and search engine visibility.

Don’t forget to stay up to date with the advancement of AI content undetectability to be able to adapt your content creation strategies.


Undetectable.AI is an AI-powered tool designed to rewrite content and enhance its uniqueness. Keep in mind however that no tool can provide absolute undetectability.

Although Undetectable.AI strives to minimize the detectability of rewritten content by AI content detectors, there remains a possibility that advanced AI algorithms or human reviewers may still identify it as rewritten.

To optimize the likelihood of avoiding detection, responsible usage of the tool is crucial, along with implementing additional manual adjustments to the rewritten content.

The best AI content detectors for AI-generated written content include:

Winston AI:  Known for its accuracy in detecting AI writing and providing advanced plagiarism detection. Offers real-time detection and a convenient Chrome extension.

GPTZero: It is designed for educators and has simple plagiarism detection tools.

Sapling AI Detector: Best for Agencies and customer-facing teams. AI Content Detector: Best for integration.

Copyleaks: Best for content marketing agencies.

CrossPlag AI Content Detector Best for educational institutions.

Content at Scale AI Text Detector: Best free AI detector.

Hugging Face: Best for technical teams.


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