Jasper AI Review: Is It the Best AI Writing Tool In 2024?

Have you been looking for an AI writing tool that can come up with new ideas, and create high-quality content to boost your sales, reach and interactions? Jasper AI may be the solution you are seeking.

In this Jasper AI review, we’ll talk about the features and all relevant details of the tool and see if it’s the best AI writing tool on the market.

Jasper AI Review: In a Nutshell




Overall, I rate Jasper AI 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Without a doubt, Jasper is one of the best AI writing tools in the market. Focused on assisting marketers in their work, Jasper is now one of the best if not the best AI marketing tools.

With the many recent updates and new features released in 2024, you can be sure Jasper will remain one of the best if not the best AI writing tools out there!

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI Review - Jasper

Jasper AI is an AI-powered writing tool that uses advanced algorithms to generate high-quality content. By tapping into OpenAI’s GPT-3 and GPT-4 for natural language processing (NLP), Jasper AI can grasp the context of a topic and produce content that is not only relevant but also captivating.

This AI tool is crafted to assist content creators, particularly marketers, but also bloggers, and business owners in streamlining their content creation process.

With various features, Jasper AI provides a comprehensive set of options to efficiently generate Marketing content. It’s like having an extra pair of hands to help you write engaging articles or blog posts without the hassle.

Who is Jasper For?

1. Marketers

If you’re a marketer looking to optimize your content creation process and reach your target audience effectively, Jasper AI is a must-have. As they say at Jasper, it’s the AI marketing Copilot that allows you to generate high-quality, tailored content in just a few clicks. It can help you streamline your workflow, and deliver quality and convincing content for your audience.

2. Bloggers

Tailored to meet bloggers’ needs, this tool enhances the writing experience by offering benefits such as generating fresh content ideas, optimizing blog posts for SEO, and improving overall writing style. With Jasper AI, bloggers can bid farewell to writer’s block and enjoy a seamless blogging experience, thanks to its versatile support and capabilities.

3. Content Creators

Content creators on the hunt for a productivity boost should look no further than Jasper AI! Jasper satisfies your needs for blog posts, social media captions, or product descriptions, You can also get satisfactory ideas to boost your creativity.

4. Business Owners

As a business owner, use Jasper to improve your product/service descriptions and optimize your content to make your pages rank higher on SERPs. Jasper has many other interesting features business owners can use to enhance productivity and conversions.

Jasper AI Review: Key Features

Jasper AI Review - Features

Getting to the crunch of this Jasper AI review with the features that make it a powerful AI writing tool. Here are some of the best features of Jasper AI.

1. Chat

Jasper Chat is one of the standout features of the Jasper AI platform. Japer Chat allows you to have interactive conversations with an AI-powered chatbot. Write, brainstorm ideas, or even just engage in casual conversation with Japer Chat.

If you wonder what questions to ask Jasper you can check this simple guide

The chatbot is designed to understand context and provide relevant responses, making it feel like you’re conversing with a real person. When generating a prompt using Jasper Chat you can choose your preferred brand voice, speed, or quality or you can also enhance the prompt.

Rate the responses given by Jasper chat using the message context buttons under the response. Jasper chat can however not serve as a search engine and any fact given should be checked.

2. Jasper Art

Jasper Art is a feature that combines the power of Artificial Intelligence with artistic creativity. With this tool, you can generate unique and original artwork, illustrations, and designs in seconds.

Jasper Art can generate diverse art styles, from traditional to modern, allowing you to explore different aesthetics. You can customize the artwork by specifying parameters such as color palette, composition, and subject matter.

With Jasper Art, you can create stunning visuals for your projects, presentations, blog posts, or products.

3. Campaigns

Jasper offers a comprehensive Campaigns feature that helps you plan and execute your marketing campaigns effectively. Jasper campaigns are useful in many scenarios,  whether you’re launching a new product, promoting a service, or running a social media campaign.

The Campaigns feature provides a centralized dashboard where you can manage all aspects of your marketing campaigns. You can set goals, track performance metrics, schedule content, and analyze results.

With its AI-powered insights, Jasper Campaigns can help you optimize your marketing strategies and achieve better results.

4. Templates

Jasper has more than 50 templates and they are absolutely amazing. Here are a few of these templates:

Paragraph Generator

The Paragraph Generator allows you to generate well-written paragraphs on any topic instantly. You just need to input an idea and Jasper will develop it into a paragraph according to your preferences.

Text Summarizer

If you don’t have all the time in the world to read a text, the Text Summarizer template is perfect. Use this template to get the key points from the text you input. It condenses the text into a summary that captures the main ideas and essential details. You can use this when conducting research, reviewing documents, or preparing for a presentation.

AIDA Framework

The AIDA framework considered the oldest marketing framework, is employed by Jasper, a tool that generates compelling copy for various purposes. 

Users input their product or company name, description, and desired tone, allowing Jasper to create components for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

By focusing on specific features or aspects, such as an economical engine in a car, marketers can enhance the effectiveness of their campaigns and achieve better results.

Product Description

Jasper AI provides a Product Description template that can help you generate product descriptions that highlight the key features, benefits, and unique selling points in a fresh manner.

Input the product to describe, add the description of the product, and add the tone of voice in the Product Description template to generate many fresh product description options from which you can choose.

Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) Framework

The Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) Framework is a proven copywriting technique used by professional marketers where you identify a problem, agitate it to create a sense of urgency or discomfort, and provide a solution that addresses the problem.

Jasper AI offers a template based on this framework to help you create persuasive and effective sales copy. With this template, all you need to do is add a product name/company, a product description, and a tone.

Jasper will provide you with a problem, a solution that causes agitation, and will submit your product as a solution.

5. Language Translation

Jasper AI’s Language Translation feature helps you accurately translate text across 24 input and 31 output languages. Overcome language barriers in documents, articles, or web content, ensuring reliable communication with a global audience.

Simply input text into Jasper Chat, prompt translation into your desired language, and expand your reach to connect with diverse cultural backgrounds.

6. Brand Voice and Knowledge

Establishing a strong brand identity requires a consistent brand voice. Jasper achieves this by using your business’s tone, style, and key details to create unique content.

Access Brand Voice through your dashboard, and upload files to Knowledge and Voice to inform Jasper about your business, desired content, and preferred tone. Brand Voice is available on all plans but varies in usage limits: 1 on Creator, less than 10 on Pro, and unlimited on Business.

7. Chrome Extension

Jasper AI Review Chrome Extension

Jasper AI offers a convenient Chrome extension that seamlessly integrates with your browser. This extension allows you to access Jasper’s powerful features, including 60+ templates, directly from various platforms like Gmail, Google Docs, WordPress, Webflow, and Canva. 

Instead of logging into the AI separately, you can now generate content, get insights, and optimize your writing without leaving your browsing environment. The extension enables you to highlight text on web pages and instantly generate summaries, analyze sentiment, or create new content based on the selected text.

Jasper AI Review: Pricing Plans

It is impossible to do a complete Jasper AI review without talking about the pricing. Jasper AI offers three pricing plans – Creator, Team, and Business.


Made for freelancers, Marketers, Entrepreneurs, and content creators who need to generate content on a regular basis.

Price: $49/month ($39/month when billed annually)


  • Chat functionality
  • Templates and Documents
  • Basic Art Generation
  • 1 Default Brand Tone
  • Plagiarism checker


This subscription provides users with full access to all features offered by Jasper, with the exception of API access. Notably, it enables collaborative project sharing and permits access for up to four additional individuals.

Price: $59/month ($47.20/month when billed annually)


  • All features in Creator +
  • Ability to import documents and style guides
  • Capacity for 10 active campaigns
  • Live chat support


Price: Custom


  • All features in Teams +
  • Unlimited number of plan seats available
  • Unlimited Brand Voices
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Access to Teams Spaces
  • Access to Campaign Planner
  • Custom Style Guides
  • Custom Workflows & Templates
  • Enterprise-level security

Jasper AI Review: Integrations

Jasper AI Review - Integrations

Something else that makes Jasper a really amazing AI is the fact it has integrations. There are so many integrations but I couldn’t add all of them in this Jasper AI review.

1. Jasper + Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is one of the best SEO tools available on the web. It can be integrated to your Jasper to make your content break to the top of the SERPs. You will need access to Documents and to create a Surfer SEO account to use this integration.

This integration is a very good one. I will recommend any business having a website to use.

2. Jasper + Zapier

This integration is only available for Business plans. It makes it easy to create automated workflows between your Jasper account and other web applications like WordPress, Slack, and Sheets.

The integration is available as Jasper API. This means you’ll need an API token to activate the Zapier connector. You can access API tokens from your Jasper account, and developer tools. Visit the Jasper API page to learn more

3. Jasper + Make.com

Just like the Zapier Connector, the Make Connector also automates workflow. This integration is also only available for the Business plan and available as an API. To acquire this integration you can follow the same process as the Zapier connector.

4. Jasper Webflow Integration

The Webflow Jasper AI integration is the best AI marketing copilot you can dream of. With this app you can:

  • Rewrite content on your website in your brand voice
  • Transform creative briefs into multipage or multichannel campaigns in seconds
  • Train Jasper on your brand voice, product details, and style guide
  • Research content as you write with Jasper chat and citations
  • Adapt pages to different audiences or languages through AI

You can Access the Webflow Jasper AI integration from the Workflow Marketplace.

5. Jasper + Copyscape: Plagiarism Checker

There is a plagiarism checker directly accessible from Jasper. In your document, click the Plagiarism Checker button in the top right toolbar to access the function.

This function is powered by Copyscape, the world’s most advanced plagiarism checker. This function is an add-on to any plan so you would need to buy Plagiarism checks credit starting at $10 expiring after a year (can be extended via email on hey@jasper.ai)

The plagiarism checker can check up to 50,000 words in one run but it is advised to check under 3,000 words per run as quality slightly decreases as you check more words

6. Jasper + Grammarly

Jasper integrated Grammarly to all their documents to help you with grammar, formatting, spelling, sentence structure and so much more. For now, the integration is free to use

As you write, Grammarly will help you with correctness, making every sentence concise and easy to follow, choosing the most compelling words while striking the right tone. Jasper follows patterns so you should always fix everything before you generate more content.

When confronted with images, the Grammarly integration is thrown off after images so it is recommended you add images once you are done with your text.

How to Use Jasper to Create New Content

Generating content in Jasper is quite simple but also innovative. There are many ways to create content on Jasper since there are many templates. I thought it would be useful to add this in this Jasper AI review.

1. Creating Content without Template

The first thing you can do is to open a document by clicking the + next to “Document” on the Dashboard. From the document you opened, there are various functions to generate content

Prompt Jasper

To generate content simply, give Jasper a prompt. Initiate the prompt by pressing “/” on your keyboard.

I’ll now demonstrate how to formulate an appropriate prompt on Jasper if you want to write a blog post for video game lovers about the best video games of the year on PC:

1. Add a Persona – tell Jasper what it should write as. You can do this by using the phrase:

Acts as a video game specialist

2. Input your audience – let Jasper know for whom it is writing.

You simply add: targeting video game lovers

3. Define your preferred tone – Tell the AI how it should sound. There are many options to choose just ask: 

Write a friendly and informative blog post.

4. Give your task – give Jasper the writing task to do. Per our example that would be: 

Write a Blog Post including, title, introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs about the best video games of the year on PC

5. You can add a context – Give AI any additional information to make your content very specific to your needs. In this case, you can add something like: Include information about the release date and price of the video games, starting with the most popular options.

In the end, your prompt will be:

Act as a video game specialist targeting video game lovers. Write a blog post in a friendly and informative manner including title, introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs about the best video games of the year on PC. Include information about the release date and price of the video games, starting with the most popular options.

Once you have imputed this prompt you can press enter or click on the arrow next to the prompt bar.

After your content is generated, you can still generate additional content and modify the existing one. Let’s see how.

In Document Prompts

You can simply generate another prompt in the text, by pressing the “/” key on your keyboard or by clicking the + button

Ask Jasper

Another way to add content and modify it is by using the Ask Jasper function. The function can be activated by selecting a text, the  Ask Jasper bar will appear below. You can use the functions in it like expand text, shorten text, change tone, or input a prompt to work on the selected text.

Continue Writing Arrow

This is to add more to the idea being developed. This arrow only appears at the end of the content you just generated. Jasper will take into account the previously written text and continue it.

2. Creating Content with Template

There are many templates to use on Jasper and they are quite simple to use. From the toolbar on the left, you select “Templates” and you will be taken to the templates interface, they are arranged per their use. You can select any template of your choice. Once you select a template there will be instructions for you to follow and generate content.

Does Jasper Content Need to Be Edited?

You may or may not decide to edit the content Jasper generates. With GPT-4, Jasper gives you high-quality, human-like text for various purposes. Though the content is often adequate, it might vary in volume and complexity, occasionally being a bit redundant. Some editing may be needed, but in many cases, only minor adjustments are necessary.

Can AI Detectors Detect Jasper Content?

It is very unlikely that a plagiarism checker can detect Jasper Content. The advanced AI even when referencing content from the internet doesn’t plagiarize but rephrases.

It is however possible that plagiarism checkers detect Jasper content, the AI is not perfect and it follows a pattern so it is possible but very unlikely to get plagiarism detected with Jasper content.

Jasper AI Review: Alternatives

If you’re on the lookout for Jasper alternatives, you will not have a hard time finding them. Let’s look at a few options and explore their unique advantages.

1. Writesonic

First up, we have Writesonic, a powerful tool that taps into the wonders of artificial intelligence to help you effortlessly create captivating content. Writesonic offers similar services to Jasper and runs on Open AI’s GPT-3/4. Whether you need blog posts, product descriptions, or social media captions, Writesonic has got your back. It is a tool particularly efficient for content creators.

2. Copy AI

Next, we have Copy AI, a platform that utilizes advanced algorithms to generate top-notch copy for your marketing campaigns. Say goodbye to the hassle of brainstorming and let Copy AI do the heavy lifting. With its high-quality output, you can save time and effort while still delivering impactful messages to your audience.

3. GTP-4

Moving on, we come to GPT-4, a cutting-edge language model that takes natural language processing to new heights. GPT-4 can assist you in various writing tasks, from drafting emails to creating engaging articles. Its ability to understand context and generate coherent text is truly remarkable.

4. Content at Scale

Lastly, we have Content at Scale, a platform designed to help you manage and produce large-scale content projects with ease. With Content at Scale, you can streamline your content creation process, collaborate seamlessly with your team, and ensure consistent quality across all your deliverables.

Real Jasper AI Reviews from Users

I went to G2 to fetch some Jasper AI reviews from users.

A business owner had this to say:

Jasper AI Reviews from G2

Here is another review on Trustpilot:

jasper AI Review - Trustpilot

Jasper AI Review: Is Jasper Worth It?

If you’re looking for an AI writing tool that can help you hit your professional, personal, and financial goals, Jasper AI is the right choice for you.

Jasper AI comes with a range of features and integrations that make it a great choice for those who need to generate a lot of quality content quickly. Streamline your work with Jasper and boost your productivity and efficiency.

Throughout this Jasper AI review, we’ve seen a lot of the amazing features of Jasper but there’s even more advancement coming to Jasper in 2024.


Both Jasper AI and Writesonic are powerful AI writing platforms that offer a range of features and capabilities. They have the same rating on G2 reviews but Writesonic has more 5-star reviews and less 1-star reviews.

The lowest-priced subscription of Jasper ($39/month) is however higher than that of Writesonic ($13/month). This may be because Jasper is better for marketing and business purposes than Writesonic which is better suited for content creators.

ChatGPT is a very advanced AI that is based on the same model as Jasper. But Jasper also has GPT-4 capacities which is better than GPT-3 used by ChatGPT.

It is simpler to use ChatGPT for many purposes but Jasper has many more features and helps make the best use of AI technology for complex tasks.

As a chatbot providing detailed and informative answers, ChatGPT might be the better choice. However, if you’re a writer, content creator, or business owner seeking assistance with your creative process, Jasper will be more suitable.

When it comes to making money Jasper AI can certainly enhance your productivity. You’ll still need to make the best use of its features and integrate them into your professional endeavors.

For writers, Jasper AI can help generate high-quality content, and Increase your output. With better marketing strategies, you can also increase your gain. Jasper’s functionalities can tremendously increase your business’s growth.

Jasper AI, initially introduced as Jarvis AI was subject to a rebranding due to avoid confusion or potential trademark issues. The name Jarvis is associated with the fictional AI assistant in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which might have posed legal challenges or trademark conflicts. To avoid the trouble of a legal battle, Jarvis rebranded to Jasper in 2022.

Jasper is not free. You can however start a free trial after 7 days when you choose one of its subscription plans. It has 3 plans (Business, Pro, and Creator.) from which you can choose with the cheapest costing $39/month (when billed annually).

Jasper AI can certainly be a valuable tool for book writers. It can generate content, provide insights, and propose ideas.

While Jasper AI can help with generating paragraphs, providing templates, and even offering suggestions, remember that the creativity and storytelling aspects should be genuine and come from the author.

An AI can’t generate your personal input, ideas, and a unique voice, so you will need to add those to your book.

Jasper AI and QuillBot are basically used for different purposes. QuillBot excels at refining and improving existing content. It can rewrite text and provide alternative suggestions for better writing.

Jasper can also rephrase and rewrite text, optimizing existing text. But it is better at doing other things like content generation.

This makes QuillBot the go-to option in terms of paraphrasing but Jasper is the go-to suite of AI tools for your business.

Yes, puns can make your blog name more memorable and entertaining. Just ensure that the pun is relevant to your niche and isn’t so obscure that readers miss its meaning.

If your blog’s content is closely tied to a specific city and location, including the city name can show that focus. However, be cautious if your blog’s scope expands beyond that city in the future.

You can test the memorability of your blog name by sharing it with friends, family, or potential readers and asking them to recall it later. You can also create a survey or poll to gather feedback on how easy the name is to remember and whether it resonates with your blog’s theme.


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