Descript Review: Is it the Best AI Video Tool in 2024?

With the number of AI video tools available it has become difficult to find the right tool for your particular needs. Today I propose you learn about Descript, a popular AI-powered video tool that has been making waves in the industry.

This all round tool can be one if not the best AI video tool on the market. Let’s explore through this Descript review the pros and cons of Descript, its key features, pricing plans, user reviews, alternatives, and ultimately determine whether it lives up to the hype.

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Descript Review Overview:

I give descript 4.7/5 stars




With the features I explored on descript I can assure you it is a very good choice for all your video needs and particularly for Podcasts as it is advertised most often.

The Audio and video quality of the output is outstanding and the possibilities are endless with the features.

The usability and the multiple features we will look at in this Descript Review make it one of the best tools I have had to try in 2024. 

What is Descript?

Descript is an AI-powered video tool that combines video editing, transcription, and AI voices into one platform. It was developed with the aim of simplifying the editing process and making it more efficient for content creators.

With Descript, users can edit their videos and podcasts by editing the text transcript. This unique approach makes editing a breeze, as changes made to the transcript are automatically reflected in the audio and video.

Descript is a software available as a web app and a desktop app. There is not yet a mobile version but the desktop app is the most complete since it has all features and integrations.

See below How the Home interface of the desktop app looks like. It’s identical to the web apps’s

Descript Review - Home interface

Now let’s properly dive into this Descript Review with the Key Features

Descript Review: Key Features


One of the standout features of Descript is its podcasting capabilities and that’s why it is the first feature I tackle in this Descript review. With Descript, you can edit your podcast episodes by simply editing the text transcript. No need to manually cut and splice audio files, the editing process is much faster and more efficient.

Descript also offers a range of tools specifically designed for podcast editing, such as the ability to remove filler words, add music, and enhance audio quality.

On the app you won’t find a special feature called podcasting, but you can edit and make your podcast directly from the app with the Video or Audio Project features. They allow you to record, edit and polish your podcasts.

Additionally, extra features like Remote Recording and AI Effects and voices are now available. You don’t also need to stress about the filler words you say since they will be removed with the Remove Filler Words function.

Descript AI Effects include eye contact, filler word removal, studio sound, and green screen capabilities, to enhance the overall quality of your podcasts.

Podcast Show Notes, the AI Actions feature in Descript includes the ability to generate show notes, creating comprehensive and engaging episode summaries.

More functions that can aid in video podcasting like Remote Recording, Transcription, AI Voices will be detailed in the continuation of this Descript review below. 

Overall, the Podcasting feature in Descript provides a comprehensive suite of tools and capabilities that empower users to create, edit, and publish high-quality podcasts with ease and efficiency.

Video Editing

Descript’s video editing features are equally impressive. With Descript, you can edit your videos by editing the text transcript, just like with podcasting. This unique approach allows for precise editing, as changes made to the transcript are automatically reflected in the video. The platform’s innovative approach to video editing allows users to effortlessly create professional-quality videos with minimal effort.

To perform video editing, you can open a project on you dashboard or create a new one:

Select New Project and choose Video Project

Descript Review - Video Project

Next you’ll be taken to the video editing platform when you can add files by drag and drop, browse files or record directly from your screen or camera

Descript Review - Video Editing A

When you add a file or record, the video will be transcribed

Descript Review - Video Editing B

From there you can edit the transcript or add more scenes (videos)

Edit directly on the app and add different videos or scenes to make your final output. The Canvas is one of a kind but it’s made to provide an intuitive experience and flexibility to add and remove scenes or edit them.

Descript Review - Video Editor Scenes

Additionally, Descript offers a range of video editing tools, such as the ability to add captions, trim clips, and apply filters. These features make Descript a powerful tool for video editing. A single side panel includes everything needed to edit properties, effects, transitions, and animation, providing a comprehensive suite of advanced editing features.

The platform also offers a timeline editor, enabling users to apply a wide range of effects, including compressor, EQ, noise gate, reverb, and more, to enhance the audiovisual quality of their videos.


Accurate transcription is essential for any video or podcast. Descript excels in this area, offering high-quality transcription services. Descript’s AI-powered transcription is remarkably accurate, with minimal errors.

Although remarkably accurate, the transcription decreases in accuracy depending on the accent of the speaker, the quality of your internet connection (if you record and transcribe using the internet) or the surrounding noise or mic quality.

The transcription feature is available on screen and audio recording or when you upload your files. Descript also allows for easy editing of the transcript, like you are editing a document.

AI Voices

Descript’s AI Voices feature allows users to create high-quality audio content by generating voice clones or choosing from a library of stock AI voices. With this feature, users can easily fix audio errors, generate podcast intros, and create video voiceovers by simply typing.

The AI voices are incredibly realistic and offer a wide range of emotions and vocal styles, making them suitable for various types of content. Users can also turn text into speech in seconds, clone their voice in just a minute, and create multiple voice clones with different tones and accents.

The AI voices feature also includes life-like pacing, pauses, and personalities, making the audio content sound natural and engaging. Additionally, Descript’s AI voices are trained on how people actually speak, ensuring that the generated audio doesn’t sound robotic. 

Remote Recording

Descript offers a remote recording feature that allows users to collaborate on projects from anywhere in the world. With Descript, you can invite team members to record their audio remotely, which can then be seamlessly integrated into your project.

This feature is especially useful for remote teams or podcasters who interview guests from different locations. It eliminates the need for complex recording setups and simplifies the collaboration process.

The remote recording feature is still a beta feature, the feature is accessible on the Desktop app and on the Web app. To activate it:

Select new projects then choose Remote Recording

Descript Review - Remote Recording

Next you will be redirected to SquadCast to connect with your team (up to 9 others) and you follow it up from there

Descript Review - Remote Recording Connet to SquadCast

Remove Filler Words

One of the most time-consuming tasks in editing is removing filler words such as “um” and “uh.” Descript automates this process with its filler words removal feature. With a simple click, Descript identifies and removes filler words from your audio or video files.

This not only saves time but also improves the overall flow and clarity of your content and Podcasters love it. Descript’s filler words removal feature is a game-changer for you, looking to polish your recordings.

Descript removes filler words from the text or transcript and they vanish from your videos. You can also manually remove them the same way, from the transcript.

Screen Recording

Descript’s screen recording feature allows users to capture their computer screen while recording audio. This feature is available on the Descript desktop app but not on the web version yet.

This is particularly useful for tutorial videos, software demonstrations, or any content that requires visual explanation. This feature further simplifies the editing process by combining both audio and visual elements into one platform.

As part of this Descript review, let me show you how to screen record with descript

To screen record:

Create a new project and choose Quick Recordings

Descript Review - Quick Recording

Then choose the option of screen recording and adjust all parameters like the sound and the storage location.

Descript Review - Recording Option

You can also do it the following way:

Create a new project and choose Video Project

Descript Review - Video Project

Once you enter the project interface, click in the record sign on the top toolbar.

Descript Review - Recording Option

You will once again be shown recording options, so choose the screen record option

Descript Review - Video Project Record Screen

You can then start your recording!

As mentioned, this feature is not yet available on the web version but only on the desktop app of Descript.


This feature is especially useful for fixing mistakes, improving clarity, or even changing the speaker’s words altogether. Descript’s overdub feature gives content creators unparalleled control over their audio.

Overdub is a mindblowing feature of Descript that uses AI voice cloning to replace awkward or incorrect audio. This feature is definitely my favorite from this Descript review. This means you can literally rewrite what was said in the audio and have it seamlessly replace the original recording. You can fix verbal mistakes, omissions, and stumbles with just a few keystrokes in the editing process.

This feature is incredibly useful for content creators, podcasters, and video editors as it saves time and effort by enabling them to correct audio errors seamlessly and naturally without the need for extensive re-recording or editing.

Keep ownership of the AI voices you create. Now the new Overdub feature offers voice authorization in minutes, seamless blending with recording conditions, and higher quality results.

Overdub is available in all audio projects, including unscripted recordings, screen recordings, podcasts, and videos.

Changing Audio With Descript’s Overdub

Descript’s overdub feature is a powerful tool that allows you to change audio by editing the text transcript. This means you can modify what was said in the audio and have it automatically replace the original recording.

I thought it best to add this section in my Descript review to help you in case you can’t do it on your own.

To use overdub

1. Make sure you have added a speaker to the text section where you want to overdub

2. Simply open the transcript and select the text to overdub

3. Select the overdub option

Descript Review - Overdub 1

4. Type in the text to overdub

Descript Review - Overdub 2

Press enter and that’s it!

Descript Review: Pricing Plan

It’s time for this Descript review to talk about price. Descript offers several pricing plans to cater to different user needs. The plans include Free, Creator, Pro, and Enterprise.

Free Plan

The Free plan is suitable for individuals who have basic editing needs and don’t require advanced features. However, it comes with limitations, such as watermarked exports.

Prices: $0 per user / month


  • 1 hr transcription / month
  • 1 hr remote recording / month
  • Transcription in 23 languages
  • Detect 8+ speakers
  • 1 watermark-free export / month
  • 720p export resolution
  • Unlimited projects
  • Dynamic captions
  • Animation & transitions
  • Filler word removal of “um” & “uh”
  • Overdub voice (1,000 word limit)
  • Studio Sound (10 min file limit)
  • AI Green Screen (10 min file limit)
  • AI Eye Contact (10 min file limit)
  • Background removal (10 min file limit)
  • Stock media library (first 5 search results)
  • Stock template library
  • Timeline export
  • Collaboration & commenting
  • 5 GB cloud storage

Creator Plan

The Creator plan is ideal for podcasters and video creators who require more advanced editing capabilities. It offers features like AI voices, overdub, and screen recording.

Price: $12 per user / month


  • Everything in Free, plus…
  • 10 hr transcription / month
  • 10 hr remote recording / month
  • Unlimited exports
  • 4K export resolution
  • Studio Sound (60 min file limit)
  • AI Green Screen (60 min file limit)
  • AI Eye Contact (60 min file limit)
  • AI background removal (60 min file limit)
  • Stock media library (first 12 search results)
  • Create & share templates
  • 100 GB cloud storage

Pro Plan

The Pro plan is designed for professional content creators who need access to all of Descript’s features, including team collaboration and advanced export options.

Price: $24 per user / month


  • Everything in Creator, plus…
  • 30 hr transcription / month
  • 30 hr remote recording / month
  • Unlimited Studio Sound
  • Unlimited AI Green Screen
  • Unlimited AI Eye Contact
  • Unlimited AI background removal
  • Remove 18 filler words and repeated words
  • Unlimited Overdub voice
  • Unlimited stock media library access
  • Custom drive & page branding
  • 1 TB cloud storage

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is tailored for businesses with larger teams and additional support requirements.

Price: Custom pricing


  • Everything in Pro, plus…
  • Dedicated account representative
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Overdub Enterprise
  • Descript Service Agreement
  • Security Review
  • Invoicing
  • Onboarding & training

Is Descript Good For Podcast Editing?

One of the focuses of this Descript review is to answer this important question. And the answer is a Firm Yes. Descript is an excellent choice for podcast editing. You have all the tools, features you need for podcasting and more.

Descript makes podcasting easy, Helps with polishing your videos and gives you an immense flexibility when editing your video and audio podcasts.

Descript also integrate Artificial inteligence to it’s toolkit. Tools you can use to add AI voices and it will still sound very natural; AI effects and get super slick resolutions. You can add music, enhance audio quality, and export directly to podcast hosting platforms. With all we’ve seen in this Descript review so far I’m sure you’re as convinced as me that Descript is the best for Podcasting.

In summary here are the 7 reason Descript is the ideal podcasting Software

Recording and transcription

You can directly record your video or audio podcast on descrip. You can even remote record the podcast. If your guest are at the other side of the world you can still invite them on the podcast!

Easy Edit

With it’s document style editing, you can easily remove or add onto your files and make them exactly how you want

Audio Equalization

The sound of your podcast is key for the listener and if it’s not clean it’s not going to be appealing to anyone. Use the equalization features on Descript to make crystal clear podcasts

AI effects

You can add AI voices and effects to your podcast and no one would be able to tell. Make them more appealing too by adding impressive intros and outros

Content Repurposing

If you want to transform your video/audio podcast into blog posts, social media clips and posts, Descript can help you do that. Use your transcripts and Podcast show notes to attract listeners through blog posts, social media and even emails

Users Reviews of Descript

Descript is really liked by its users. I scavenged for some of the Descript reviews they left online. On G2 reviews, the tool has a rating of 4.6/5 starts which is already impressive. There is a user who loved the equalizer in podcasting and had this to say

Descript Review G2 1

Here is another user who was very much satisfied as seen in this Descript review

Descript Review G2 2

On Capterra, Descrip reviews amassed 4.8/5 stars rating! This is what some users had to say

Descript Review Capterra 1

A user testifies in his Descript review than it’s the best for what it does

Descript Review Capterra 2

Descript Review: Alternatives

To complement this Descript review, it is imperative to speak about alternatives to this wonderful tool. Looking at a few options on the market, there are 3 that we will speak about to give you the choice for something similar but different in case Descript doesn’t satisfy you.

Streamlabs Podcast Editor

The first alternative we will look at in this Descript review is Streamlabs Podcast Editor. Streamlabs Podcast Editor is a web-based video editing tool that focuses on the text aspect of videos.

It allows users to edit videos by editing the text directly, similar to Descript. Formerly Type Studio, it is a powerful tool designed to help creators edit and repurpose their podcast and interview content.

Easily convert long-form podcasts into bite-sized clips for promotion across various social media platforms with Streamlabs Podcast Studio. This all-in-one workstation is suitable for both Just Chatting streamers looking to reuse their content across socials and budding podcasters building a new brand.

Pricewise, It proposes only one Priced subscription for $12/month, making it a cheaper option as compared to Descript. Furthermore, it is endorsed by legendary comedy creators Rhett & Link, as well as other creators, making it a popular choice among content creators.


Reduct.Video is an online collaborative video editor and transcription service that offers powerful tools for synthesizing meaning, creating a sharable, searchable video archive, and efficient video editing.

It provides fast and accurate transcripts, a text-based video editor, and AI summaries, making it ideal for qualitative research, filmmaking, legal and criminal justice, marketing, and education.

Reduct supports over 90 languages, speaker separation, interactive transcripts, and real-time collaboration. It also offers features like redaction, auto-captioning, and extensive export options.

As an alternative to Descript, Reduct.Video provides similar transcription and editing capabilities, but with a strong focus on collaborative video editing, real-time collaboration, and powerful search features, making it a comprehensive platform for video content management and editing.


Synthesia is an AI video generation platform that allows users to create professional videos using AI avatars and voiceovers in over 130 languages.

It offers features such as 160+ diverse AI avatars, 120+ languages and accents for AI voices, 60+ pre-designed video templates, and the ability to create custom AI avatars.

Synthesia is ideal for creating training videos, sales enablement content, marketing videos, technical training, customer service knowledge base videos, and more.

Synthesia offers a unique focus on video creation using AI avatars and voiceovers, making it a suitable choice for those looking to create engaging and diverse video content without the need for traditional recording equipment or actors. While Descript focuses on Video and audio editing and transcription, Synthesia specializes in transforming text into video content using AI technology.

Descript Review: Bottom Line

This Comprehensive Descript Review has taken you through all Descript has to offer. The too is really worth the hype and I am sure you agree.

The tool can be used for so many purposes so many users too can benefit from it. Its features are amazing and futuristic and they won’t let you down. The pricing too is affordable and you can benefit from the free version too to try it out.

So far in 2024 Descript can own up to being one of the best if not the best video editing tool tell me what you think of this Descript review and of the tool in the comments.


Yes. Descript is worth its price. If you require advanced editing capabilities, accurate transcription, and time-saving features, Descript is definitely worth the price. In case you don’t need all the features it proposes and can’t afford the price you can check out an alternative with less features and lower price.

Descript’s transcription services are highly accurate and have been praised by users. The AI-powered transcription is remarkably precise, with minimal errors.

However, as with any transcription service, there may be occasional inaccuracies or difficulties with certain accents or speech patterns. It’s always a good idea to review and edit the transcript for any errors before finalizing your project.

Descript offers both free and paid plans. The free plan is suitable for individuals with basic editing needs, but it comes with limitations such as watermarked exports. Paid plans offer more advanced features and access to all of Descript’s capabilities. 

Descript is primarily designed for desktop use. There is currently no mobile app for descript but you can still access the website through your mobile phone’s browser. However, the user experience may not be optimized for mobile, and some features may be limited or not available.

Yes it is. But descript is a Super AI video editor since it is a comprehensive AI video tool that combines video editing, transcription, and AI voices into one platform. With Descript, you can edit videos, transcribe audio, generate AI voices, remove filler words, and collaborate with team members. Its wide range of features makes it a versatile tool for content creators.

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