Chatsonic Review 2023: Really the Best AI Assistant?

In the quest to find a sustainable alternative to ChatGPT, Chatsonic is definitely one of the best AI chatbots to consider. I have been using the AI-powered chatbot for months for personalized responses to my questions and even to write complete articles.

Chatsonic dashboard and discussion history to show my daily use of the Chatbot

Without realizing it, it has become an integral tool in my content creation workflow.

But what exactly is Chatsonic AI, and how does it work? How much does it cost, and what are the pros and cons of using it? Is it worth it?

This Chatsonic review will thoroughly analyze Chatsonic so you can get the best out of it!

Keep reading!

Overall Chatsonic Review

I give Chatsonic 4.5 out of 5 stars.




I found Chatsonic AI more entertaining than I expected, and I can see why it’s one of the most popular AI writing assistants. It’s super easy to use and uses GPT-4 to write human-like content.

Though there are some shortcomings, like occasional undesired output, it can’t overshadow the fact it’s an incredible tool for businesses and individuals.

What is Chatsonic?

Chatsonic, or Chatsonic AI, is a product of writesonic and is an AI software powered by GPT (GPT-3.5 and GPT-4). It comes with a user-friendly interface and various features to improve content creation and provides up-to-date factual responses with references.

Chatsonic can also read documents (.pdf, .doc, .docx, .ppt) and check and read content by providing links. With its voice command feature, you can also give instructions without typing.

Chatsonic Review - All Key Features

Powered by deep learning, it gets smarter with every chat. It adapts to your style, making it a versatile companion for bloggers.

How does Chatsonic work?

Chatsonic uses the advanced technology of GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 to generate content. It uses advanced natural language processing to understand user queries and provide accurate and original content.

You can input specific parameters such as tone, word count, and language to align the generated content with your preferences.

How to Access Chatsonic?

Chatsonic AI is a product of Writesonic, and you can access it through a free or paid Writesonic subscription. It’s not available as a separate product.

After signing up to Writesonic, you will see the Chatsonic feature on your dashboard left panel.

How to Access Chatsonic AI

You can also access Chatsonic on mobile, but only on Android phones. But the downside is you cannot sign in with a work email, for instance, only Gmail. Also, since your mobile app doesn’t sync with the online platform, you can’t access your history.

But still, the Chatsonic mobile app is a good way to use the AI writing tool on the go.

Chatsonic Review - Mobile App on Google Play Store

What Can Chatsonic Do?

If you are wondering about the fantastic things Chatsonic can do, let me give you more insight. We’re just getting started with the interesting things.

But before we look at features in more detail, here are 2 key things Chatsonic AI can do for you.

1. Generate SEO Optimized Articles with Google Search Integration

Chatsonic can write complete articles in seconds using the latest Google data. By using a technique called real-time information retrieval, Chatsonic AI is able to write a complete article with accurate relevant information.

When you give Chatsonic AI a prompt to write an article, it will first query Google Search for relevant information. This information is then used to generate a factual and up-to-date article.

Let’s say you want to write about the latest trend in AI.

You then ask Chatsonic to write an article about the latest trends in artificial intelligence; it will first check Google for articles on this topic. It will then use the information from these articles to generate an article with real-time data.

Asking Chatsonic AI to write an article about the latest trends in artificial intelligence

The numbers highlighted in the image above show where Chatsonic got that information. The number 1, for example, means it used Source 1. And I can find these sources at the end of the output.

Google Sources checked by Chatsonic AI to write an article

Chatsonic AI doesn’t copy and paste information from other websites. Instead, it rewrites it by providing more value. This process ensures that Chatsonic’s articles are always based on the latest information. It also allows Chatsonic to generate articles on a wide range of topics, even if they are not familiar with the topic.

The only downside of the Google search function is that it consumes 2x more words —  yes, up-to-date information is expensive. But you can deactivate it by clicking the Google logo directly in the Chatsonic text box.

Chatsonic AI review - Disable Google Search

2. Content Creation for Different Cases

You can’t just create content from the Writesonic website right? In our era, it’s important to be flexible, and Writesonic understands that. What’s the best way to use a tool on other websites? That’s right, a browser extension.

You can generate all sorts of content in different scenarios with the Chatsonic Chrome extension. Let’s look at content creation for social media and email, for instance.

Social Media

Chatsonic users can create content for your digital marketing goals directly on your favorite social media platforms. Do you want to generate an enticing post about a new release on your blog? You can now do so from all social media platforms.

To generate social media posts, you can simply provide Chatsonic with a topic or a prompt, and it will generate engaging and concise content. It excels at crafting social media posts, including tweets, with the addition of hashtags and emojis.

For example, I just used Chatsonic on X (Twitter).

Chatsonic Review - Using Chatsonic on Twitter (X)

Here is another one where I use Chatsonic on Instagram instead. In this prompt, I asked it to write.

Chatsonic Review - Using Chatsonic on Instagram

And if you want to transform your written content into video to target a broader audience, you may need AI video generators like Pictory AI or Invideo AI. They will help you create content in minutes.


For email content generation, specifically on Gmail, you can use Chatsonic to compose professional and personalized emails. Access the integrated extension directly in the “New Message” tab when composing an email.

Chatsonic Review - Using Chatsonic in Gmail

For example, I used the extension to craft an email I wanted to send to another blogger for collaboration. I set the writing tone and it came up with a professional subject and email.

Using Chatsonic AI in Gmail and asking it to write a mail to another blogger for collaboration

But there is more.

On the Menu bar at the top right of your Gmail dashboard, you can open Chatsonic Settings and enter details to be used by Chatsonic to personalize the emails and replies it writes for you.

You can enter your full name, email address, signature, calendar link, and any other detail you deem important (like your company name).

Set Chatsonic settings in Gmail

Chatsonic will use this information to generate a new email or reply to one.  Now that you know two important things to do with Chatsonic AI, let’s look at its features.

Chatsonic Review: Features

1. Enhance Your Prompts

How do you come up with the perfect prompt to get the best of Chatsonic? Some people are more skilled than others at giving well-crafted and specific prompts to get the best out of AI, but some aren’t.

Chatsonic is adapted to both groups of people. You can enhance a prompt with Chatsonic to make the Chatbot provide the best response for you.

Chatsonic Review - Enhance Your Prompts

For example, I asked Chatsonic to write an article about the new iPhone 15. Here is my prompt:

write a blog post about the new iPhone 15 and highlight its new type C port.

Let’s be honest; my prompt is too vague and not good enough. I have no right to complain if the AI-powered chatbot platform doesn’t provide exactly what I want. But after enhancing the prompt, I got this:

Write a comprehensive blog post about the new iPhone 15, focusing on its groundbreaking new feature, the Type C port. The blog post should provide an in-depth analysis of the new iPhone model, highlighting its key specifications, design changes, and the benefits of the Type C port. It should also include comparisons to previous models and discuss how the Type C port enhances the user experience. The aim is to inform and engage readers, keeping them up-to-date with the latest advancements in smartphone technology.

Title: Exploring the All-New iPhone 15 and Its Revolution Type C Port

Chatsonic came up with an enhanced prompt

Once you press Enter, Chatsonic will read your prompt and will submit a much better answer.

SEO Optimized Blog Post Generated by Chatsonic

The Enhance feature is a real treasure that can make your content stand out.

2. Templates

With Chatsonic, you have access to a wide range of customizable templates. Whether you need to draft a blog post, compose an email, or enlarge or shorten a text, the AI chatbot templates provide a solid starting point that you can easily tailor to your specific needs.

Find the templates on the left of the prompt bar. It’s the 3 four-pointed stars far left.

Chatsonic Review - Templates

Here are some of my favorite Chatsonic templates.

1. Rewrite to Pass AI content detection:

With this template, you can rewrite content generated by AI, make it sound like it was written by a human, and pass AI content detectors like Crossplag and Content at Scale.

Chatsonic Template

2. SEO-Optimized Article

Provide your primary and other keywords to write an article optimized for search engines.

Chatsonic AI Template - SEO Optimized Article

3. Rephrase and Shorten/enlarge content:

Now, this is a cool one. You paste your content and enter your desired number of words, and the template will shorten or enlarge your text.

Chatsonic Template - Rephrase And Shorten and Enlarge Content

4. Outrank Article/Blog:

Outrank Article/Blog is another template to help you create SEO-optimized articles. It does that by providing a competitor’s blog post link.

Chatsonic AI Template - Outrank Article and Blog

3. Get Chatsonic to Read Your Links

Chatsonic goes beyond generating text by reading and understanding the content behind the links you provide. There are two ways to get Chatsonic to read your links.

I will use the one by inputting the link through the “Enter Link” on the prompt bar and clicking Submit.

Chatsonic can check and read links

For example, I entered our link and Chatsonc AI said:

“You can now start chatting with the uploaded link… Here are some things to get started with:

  1. Ask Chatsonic to create a summary of this link.
  2. Ask questions about any specific topics mentioned in the link.”
AI Chatbot reviewing a site through a link

But instead of choosing one of the recommended options, I asked Chatsonic to mention one article published on the website, but it strangely couldn’t find one. But when I asked about the topics covered by the website, it came with the correct answer instantly.

AI Chatbot checking and reading website links

Keep in mind that Chatsonic doesn’t check links or URLs for pages with crawl restrictions, pages behind paywalls or authentication, and pages with only image/audio/video content.

4. Ask Chatsonic AI to Read Documents

Chatsonic can analyze and interpret text from documents and generate a summary or response. With its advanced natural language understanding and processing algorithms, it can read and analyze PDFs, Word documents (.docx), and PowerPoints (.ppt).

Of course, you can easily access this feature in Chatsonic.

Access the feature that allows Chatsonic to read documents

For example, I uploaded a PDF file in Chatsonic, and it came up with this reply. The reply looks similar to the Link/URL feature.

Suggestions from Chatsonic after reading the document

So I asked Chatsonic to provide a summary of the document and honestly, I was blown away. The summary was just perfect.

Chatsonic AI read and summarizes a document

This incredible Chatsonic feature is useful for anyone who wants to quickly understand the main points of a document without having to read through the entire thing.

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5. Voice Commands

Chatsonic can understand voice commands

Chatsonic can understand voice commands, making it even more convenient to interact with. With a simple voice prompt, you can instruct it to perform various tasks, such as generating content, suggesting ideas, or providing feedback on your writing.

6. Preset Prompts

Chatsonic AI Preset Prompts

You can also use Chatsonic preset prompts. I believe they exist to help you quickly test the AI tool. I don’t use them because I already know what I want to ask.

7. Memory of Past Conversations

Chatsonic AI has the ability to remember past conversations, and this gives you a personalized and seamless writing experience.

By recalling previous discussions, Chatsonic can provide continuity and coherence in your content, making it feel more natural and authentic. You can disable this function in the settings.

Disable Chatsonic AI Conversation Memory

8. Set AI Personalities

You can also set AI personalities in Chatsonic. Whether you prefer a professional tone, a friendly approach, or a more creative style, the AI chatbot can adapt its writing style to match your desired personality.

This feature is especially good because we have different reasons for using Chatsonic. You can ensure your content is consistent with your brand or personal voice.

To change the personalities, you can go to settings and choose the persona you prefer.

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Set AI Personalities in Chatsonic AI

9. Create Digital Artwork

In addition to generating text-based content, Chatsonic has the ability to create digital artwork. By simply providing a description or a concept, the AI chatbot can generate AI images to complement your written content and make it more engaging and eye-catching.

For instance, I asked Chatsonic to generate an image of the Eiffel Tower, and I got this. That’s pretty impressive.

Generate Digital Images with Chatsonic

10. Share Your Output

So, you are done generating a unique piece of content on Chatsonic. Can you share the chat? Yes, you can.

Just click on “Copy Private Link” and share the chat link with anybody. However, because you set it private, one will need to have a Writesonic account to view the chat. However, if you set the link to “Public” and share the public link, anybody could view it.

Moreover, Chatsonic also allows you to share your generated output across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, or WhatsApp.

You can even download the chat as a PDF or a Microsoft Word file.

Share Your Chatsonic AI Conversation

11. Chatsonic Chrome Extension Review

The Chatsonic Chrome extension is a useful addition to your content creation toolkit. With this extension, you can access Chatsonic’s features directly from your browser and streamline your writing experience.

Chatsonic Chrome Extension Review

Whether drafting an email, composing a tweet, or brainstorming ideas, the chrome extension will save you time and effort.

Chatsonic Pricing

Chatsonic is a product of Writesonic, so you cannot purchase it as a stand-alone product. You would have to pay a subscription plan to Writsonic itself. Writesonic pricing plans used to be Free Trial, Unlimited, Business, and Enterprise.

These plans recently changed, and the details of the new plans are below:

Writesonic Pricing Plans
  1. Free Plan

If you are interested in trying out Chatsonic, this is your go-to plan. All you need to do is Sign up, and you can use 10,000 words for free every month. But you won’t be able to generate Superior content (more accurate, powerful, and factual) powered with GPT-4 since this free plan is built on the GPT-3.5 model like ChatGPT.

  • Pricing: $0/month
  • Users: 1
  • Word Count: 10,000
  • Powered by GPT-3.5 only
  1. Freelancer Plan

Are you a freelancer writer working alone? Then this plan is what you need! It gives you unlimited words and access to all Chatsonic features. The only irk is that this plan is also built on GTP-3.5, so you won’t be able to use GPT-4 and its Superior content.

But I highly recommend this plan if you want to generate a large volume of content.

  • Pricing: $20/month
  • Users: 1
  • Word Count: Unlimited
  • Powered by: GPT-3.5 only
  1. Small Team

If you work as a team on a project or in a small business, this is the plan to optimize your output. It can fit from 1 to 5 members and gives you access to GPT-4, with which you are sure to generate superior content!

  • Pricing: $19 – $499/month depending on the number of users
  • Users: 1-5
  • Word Count: Premium 100,000 – 4,000,000 or Superior (16,667 – 666,667) 
  • Powered by GPT-3.5, GPT-4 and GPT-4 32K

*The conversion rate is 1 Superior word = 6 Premium words

  1. Enterprise plan

This plan is for enterprises bigger than a small team of 5 looking for premium services and features. Here, you can use Chatsonic to its full potential by getting custom templates tailored to your company. But expect to spend $500+ per month.

  • Pricing: $500+/month
  • Users: Custom
  • Word Count: Custom
  • Powered by: GPT-3.5 / GPT-4 and GPT-4 32K

Is Chatsonic Better Than ChatGPT?

Based on our tests, we can say that Chatsonic AI is better than ChatGPT because it does additional things ChatGPT cannot do, like checking the internet, generating images, reading links, and using voice commands.

Let’s check these points together.

The first point is the most obvious one. Chatsonic can check the internet to find the most current information, but ChatGPT only has information up to September 2021.

The second one is related to images. Chatsonic AI can generate images based on your prompt. This means that, while writing a blog post or a project, you can use it to make AI images that fit your content.

The third point is that Chatsonic can read links and documents. You can ask it to check a website and summarize the key points. GPT-4 can also do that, but with the help of plugins.

Finally, unlike ChatGPT, you can use voice commands to communicate with Chatsonic AI.

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Chatsonic Review: The Best AI Writer!

In summary, Chatsonic is, without a doubt, one of the best AI writers in the market. It comes with features like customizable templates, art image generation, and voice commands.

With its memory of past conversations, AI personalities, and easy sharing options, it also allows you to create engaging and personalized content across platforms.

Its shortcomings, such as limitations in AI image generation and occasional undesired output, can’t overshadow the fact it is a valuable tool for businesses and individuals.

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Chatsonic is an AI conversational chatbot developed by Writesonic. It simplifies content creation by generating clear and concise content for blogs, social media, emails, product descriptions, and more.

Writesonic is the company behind Chatsonic. It specializes in AI-powered content generation. With advanced GPT-4 technology, Writesonic aims to provide cost-effective solutions for creating high-quality content in various formats.

Yes, Chatsonic is highly regarded for its ability to generate exceptional quality content quickly and efficiently. The advanced AI algorithms and the large database allow it to deliver accurate and original results, making it a valuable tool for content creators.

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